Koh Samui, Thailand

We decided to stay in the Big Buddha area where it is quieter. This is a sleepy beach town and is nothing like I expected. I was expecting the craziness of Phuket since that is what we read everywhere, but our experiences are nothing like that. Granted if you stay in one of the 2 major towns it will probably be like that. Choose your guest house wisely!

The area we are in seems to have plenty of food options. The silence of this area is very nice. No loud honking or boat engines just the occasional ferry and some cars on the road. Sitting on the beach you can hear nothing but the birds and the waves. This is paradise.

The weather here is ever changing. It was sunny one minute and raining the next. These videos were taken 1 hour apart and gives you a since of quick change this island goes through. Sun then rain then sun within 1 hour. The rain storm lasted maybe 15 minutes then it was dry again.

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