Reunification palace

The reunification palace is definitely an interesting place. If history and exhibits don’t interest you, you may not want to go. This is more like a museum then anything. This is a time capsule. Imagine if after 9/11 and after Bush left office the White House was sealed up. Now imagine going back to it 50 years later (say around 2050s). That is essentially what this place is. The price is about $3 for 2 people.

On the right side in the front of the building are tanks and planes from the Vietnam war (called the American War here or sometimes the Second French Colonial War). You can rent an audio tour which might be good if you don’t read Vietnamese, English, or what is I am assuming Chinese although I’m not sure which dialect. There are placards you can follow and you kind of just wander around. We went up first to see the various rooms and view from the roof. The top has a helicopter. Next we went down into the bunker. You can access it from the stair case on the right side of the building when you view the building from the ticket entrance.

The bunker is the weirdest place of the whole building. There are old communication stations and computers from the war. Walking around down there is like a maze and it has a weird odor to it. The distinctive odor of old flooring and paint without enough ventilation. It smells like every government basement I’ve ever been in. The mixture of old linoleum and ether. The walls are covered in maps of the area at the time.

Outside the building is a huge park area that you can wonder around and enjoy. The park is similar to the other parks nearby. All in all this is a nice way to spend an afternoon but if you are limited in time you could probably skip this one.

They have a few old military vehicles including tanks and a jet similar to one used to drop bombs on the building in April 1975. A plane similar to the one on display was used by a northern Vietnamese soldier who infiltrated the southern Vietnamese army, stole the plane, and dropped 2 bombs on the reunification palace before fleeing to safety.

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