Another student tour

We booked another student tour to take us around to see the local temples and pagodas. Our first stop was district 5 for this temple. It is a Chinese Taoist temple and one of the oldest in the area. Nearby was the Binh Tay market so we went there to look around too. The Binh Tay market is more of a local market and you really need someone to show you around.

Our next stop was the Jade emperor pagoda which is also a Chinese Taoist temple. This is in district 3 and even though I had been there before, I got a lot more out of someone showing me around. There are turtles in the pond on the right and fish in the pond in front of the temple. The locals are throwing rice out to feed the birds which are a symbol of peace. The temple itself is not that impressive but it does have a nice atmosphere. On the left side in a separate building are beautiful carvings covering the walls.

The next stop was a Buddhist pagoda in district 1. This was a huge temple and most likely you saw it on the way to or from the airport. The temple with the pagoda is the place of worship. Across the street is where the monks live, but we are not allowed in that area. It is also beautiful and similar in architecture.

After the student tour we found another area with stalls and various foods from around the world. It is called sense market. The price is a little more expensive then street food but cheeper than restaurants. This area is great if you have a variety of food tastes or picky eaters in your group. There is something for everyone here.

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