New Years on a rooftop in Ho Chi Minh City

We started the night by walking down to district 1 from our place in district 4. It was about 8:00 pm and things were already pretty busy. We walked to Nguyen Hue street to see what was going on there. We had been there already the night before so we had seen some of the stuff already. The roads were blocked off to motor bikes and there were both military and police everywhere. One thing we really liked was the crazy light show on the capital building at the end of the street.

After walking around for about an hour we started back to our place. The bridge that we walked over on dubbed the “make out bridge” was closed so we had to walk down one of the other bridges back. We got some beer at the market and went to the top of our building to watch the crazy. There was bumper to bumper traffic and that was just the beginning. As people couldn’t find a place to park they started parking along streets and as more people did this streets began to close. Being 30 something stories up we didn’t take many pictures which I regret now but it was very busy.

We got lucky this year because there was a huge firework show which apparently had not happened the year before. We were even more lucky because we could actually see them from our rooftop vantage point. I don’t have any pictures of the fireworks themselves but they were huge and amazing. This is our rooftop pool where the fireworks were and the red dot shows where the fireworks were in 2018. We have been told they move around so keep that in mind. Additionally most people didn’t know where the fireworks were going to be and I think a lot of people didn’t get to see them due to poor vantage points or being stuck in traffic. The point is get a place close to where you want to spend New Years. Rooftops are the best. Plan on walking where ever you want to go.

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