Tiny glimpse of local life in Hoi An

On our last day in Hoi An we wanted to walk around and try to see what local life was like. We set a course out to the rice fields. We were lucky that the rain had decided to stop for a while. We walked down a small cement path and followed it as it looped around. Soon we were walking around the rice fields complete with water buffalo, chickens, cows, and dogs. The fields were in between harvests when we were there so a majority of the farmers were tilling the fields. It was quite peaceful walking around, but we definitely got some strange looks as well as a Australian Shepard dog following us wondering what we were doing.

For dinner we wanted to find a more local place. We ended up at this place that was filled with happy local customers. We decided on goat curry for dinner which came with Banh mi bread for dipping. It was quite delicious. As we were sitting there we noticed ceramic jugs of alcohol in one of the back rooms. As we looked around we saw similar but smaller bottles sitting on everyone’s table. The liquid was brown and everyone was drinking it out of shot glasses. We assumed it was whisky but after googling a few days later we discovered it was probably in fact rice wine. And judging from the state of the customers, very strong rice wine. If my travel buddy hadn’t been so sick I might have tried it but I was afraid of pointing to it and getting an entire container just to myself to drink since most people here didn’t seem to speak English unlike every other restaurant we had been to.

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