A rainy day is a great spa day

We were in Hoi An when the typhoon hit southern Vietnam so it was rainy most of the time when we were there. Given that one of us was still sick we thought a day at the spa would be a great use of time. We got a steam room, hot stone massage, and Asian body massage for under $40 at the travel lodge. We went back the next day for another steam room for $9 and again the day after for two Thai massages for $40. The massages weren’t the greatest but they weren’t bad considering what you were paying. The steam room was great though. They also had a sauna and spa in the same room. Everything was super clean and I think worth the price compared to how much you have to pay for these services back home. The prices for massage and basically everything else as well is a bit higher in Hoi An then in other places in Vietnam. We looked at other massage places that didn’t look as nice but were priced the same which is why we kept going back to this place. It’s important to keep in mind that there are some really high end hotels in Hoi An. If this kind of thing is your thing you can pay more and have that kind of experience.

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