Tao Dan Park and Bird Cafe

We started our morning with yoga at 6:00 am and were out the door by 7:00 am. Down the street from our place was a stall serving what I have come to know as Vietnamese rice. This usually consists of pork, egg, vegetables (like cucumber and tomato), and rice. This place also had shrimp so one of us had shrimp and one of us had pork. This was about $3.50 for two servings.

Next we set off to get some take away lunch for when would be at the airport later that day. We got 2 Banh Mi sandwiches at the same place as the day before about 0.5 mile away for $1.00 each. We noticed a park across the street which we found out later was Tao Dan Park.

We stopped at the bird cafe there which was full of the sounds of chirping birds and motor bikes from the street. We had a Vietnamese coffee (ca phe sua da) and Banh Mi Op La (French baguette with fried egg) for about $2. Everyone seemed to be bringing their pet bird on their motor bike, sitting down, and opening the covers. We saw people feeding grubs to their birds which we think the cafe might have on offer to purchase. People were then hanging the bird cages on tall metal racks in the sun next to the other birds and the birds seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

After the coffee and food we walked around the park which was very nice. There were a lot of people exercising around the park and it was very pleasant to walk around. The park was quite, almost escaping the sound of the motor bikes and there were shady trees and grass as well as paved paths to walk on. From here we walked the 0.5 mile to our place to pack for our trip to Phu Quoc. Overall the last few days have been a nice introduction to Ho Chi Minh City and I look forward to going back soon.

*Edit* when we went back here a week later the whole thing was in the process of being redesigned with more shade and different things to hang the birds from.

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