Phú Quốc Night Market

After arriving and settling into our hotel we made our way to the night market. We ended up arriving a little early. If you wait until the sun goes down the market is more lively. The first night we started with 1 pineapple juice and 1 mango smoothie for $3.00. After that we had 2 Vietnamese rice and 1 passion fruit ice cream roll (they make the ice cream in front of you on a cold stone, and make what ever flavor you like) for $4.50. The ice cream rolls are fun, but weird. The bright lights helped us stay awake. A great way to trick exhausted tourists into spending a little more time shopping. It was fun walking around looking at the fish tanks full of food and having people try to sell you stuff. They are pretty pushy but a polite and firm no works until you go past again. A few rounds through the market and they start to recognize people. Pretty much everything is overpriced with Vietnamese food being the least overpriced.

The second night we arrived after dark and walked around for a bit. We started with 1 pineapple juice and 1 passion fruit juice for $3. After we were thinking of having some lobster, but it was minimum of $45/lobster (about 1 kg/lobster) so we decided on 2 bowls of pho and 2 beers instead for $6.25. After that we got 1 fresh coconut and 1 coconut ice cream (ice cream served inside a fresh coconut with nuts and a waffle cone) for $3.50. We liked the coconut ice cream more then the ice cream rolls, but trying both is definitely necessary.

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