Day in the life on Long Beach, Phú Quốc

We started with a Vietnamese style breakfast near our hotel (away from the beaches). After a breakfast of Vietnamese rice, pho, and coffee all for $4 we bought some pineapple for $1 and headed to the beach. Mind you, you can get that from the resorts at the beach but should plan to spend $20 for that breakfast. We walked to the main road and asked the taxi to take us to Long Beach. The first paved road toward the beach we saw we asked the driver to stop. The fair was about $1. We walked down the road and through one of the resorts to the beach. We found a place with a bar and sat down. We ordered some drinks and food until basically they didn’t mind us being around. We spent about $20 for 4 beers, 2 shots of rum, 1 Singapore sling, 1 pina colada, 2 watermelon smoothie, and a seafood and glass noodle salad. The beach was nice when the construction workers weren’t using a chop saw and the sun was out. Occasionally it would get windy and there would be some cloud cover, but being from Northern California we know a thing or two about layers. When it’s cold you put clothes on and when it’s hot you take clothes off. We arrive to the beach around 9:30 am and stayed until sunset at 6:00 pm. Long Beach is nice for its endless beach and bars along the beach. You can get massages by the waves or fresh fruit delivered to you not to mention food and drinks on a beach that seems to never end.

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