Endless Shrimp and Beer on the Mekong

After some rest we decided to visit the Emperor Jade Pagoda. It was a 1.7 mile walk from our guest house. This place is an actively used religious sight and was interesting to see, but we probably only spent 5 minutes walking around. There were lots of incense sticks, candles, and statues.

We decided from there to take a short walk to the Mekong River, 0.2 miles away. We found a quaint sports type bar there minus the televisions. If I used my imagination I could almost see Anthony Bourdan sitting in the corner. We sat down facing the river and ordered some Tiger beers and a truly astonishing amount grilled shrimp and beef. We ended up spending about $21 which was more then we wanted to spend, but we had a lot of fun sitting and listening to the locals.

With a little bit of a buzz we set off for the Saigon central post office again, about 1.3 miles away. We had to mail two cards that we didn’t have with us earlier when we were there. All in all it cost about $2.25 to mail both.

A short 1.2 mile walk brought us home which concluded our day in this wonderful city. We walked 4.4 miles this afternoon and 8 miles today including the 3.6 miles walked this morning.

Things we missed include the reunification palace and night market. We were planning to go to the night market which is suppose to be outside the Ben Thanh Market we were at this morning. However at 6:30 pm while I am writing this we are exhausted and full of grilled meat so we are off to bed.

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